A Window into the Invisible

Unlock previously untapped data points on your electrode and bulk conditions, using Pulsenics'  in-situ characterization hardware for electrochemical stacks operating at high currents.

the pulsenics product suite

The Pulse Probe

Impedance spectroscopy for electrochemical stacks running up to 400A in current, providing real-time insights into your electrochemical system performance.

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The Cell Measurement
Unit (CMU)

Connect up to 4 CMUs to the Pulse Probe to simultaneously measure individual cell characteristics across an electrochemical stack.

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Access electrochemical insights in seconds

Step 1

Connect The Pulse Probe in series between the power source and electrochemical stack.

Turn The Pulse Probe on.

Step 2

The Pulse Probe injects a wide range of non-disruptive frequency signals into stack and continuously measures the system's response back.

Step 3

Access system characterization insights on the Data Management Platform, in real-time.


Impedance Spectroscopy for your Electrochemical Stacks

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy is the most powerful characterization technique to understand your electrochemical reactions and how they relate to performance.

We create exclusive data

The Pulse Probe is the world’s first-of-its-kind hardware to successfully apply the principles of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy onto electrolysis-based processes operating at industrial power levels, in order to characterize the behavior and performance of the system in real-time.

The results?

Real-time system insights

Advanced real-time analytics is used to translate the system’s frequency response into insights on your electrochemical system’s key changing characteristics.
Electrode Passivation

Electrode Absorption

Electrode Morphological Changes
Electrolyte Concentration

Membrane Health

Power Consumption
Membrane Degradation

Membrane Fouling
Membrane Scaling

Deviation from Optimal Conditions